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Retail Customer Satisfaction Surveys


With regard to customer satisfaction in a retail setting, traditionally, many  organizations depend upon simple  questionnaires printed on postcards that may be completed and then returned by mail or, in some instances, deposited into a comments collection box inside the store location.  The effectiveness of this method not  only suffers due to low participation rates, but also results in "polarized" responses.  In other words, from the low number of responses received, the respondents were either really upset or very pleased with a particular aspect of their shopping experience.  Obviously this is not a representative sample of the customer base.  What's missing of course, are responses from all the customers that fall in between the two extremes.  It's easy to resolve these issues using Interactive Voice Response Interviewing (IVRI).  The customers are offered an incentive to participate in the study either by handing them a preprinted survey invitation or by having the invitation printed on the sales receipt.  Successful incentives used in the past include both  sweepstakes and shopping sprees.   Surprisingly, it doesn't take much to garner a 30% response rate. Check out our sample invitation to get a better idea.

When the customers call, they are asked to enter the store number so response data  can be tracked by location.  Our extremely user-friendly interactive call center instructs the caller though the entire process, repeating questions when no response is  given and prompting them on invalid responses.  An infinite number of question branches, skip patterns, and triggers can be programmed into the script.  Callers are  also able to leave voice messages which can be accessed at any time by store managers or other authorized personnel for review through our MyVoice message retrieval system.  At the conclusion of the survey, our system will give the caller a unique  validation code or it will ask the caller to record their contact information depending on the type of incentive offered.  Reporting of the data can be done in number of ways.  We  can provide the raw data on a daily basis, or reports can be generated either in print or on the Internet.  We can also generate fax or e-mail alerts to locations that have received  a contact request from the customer for personal follow-up.

         Features :  

  • Customers can respond 24 x 7 at their convenience.
  • Multiple languages are available.
  • Infinite number of question branches, skip patterns, or triggers.
  • Ability to digitally record callers comment/suggestions.
  • Review of customer comments via telephone.
  • Fax/E-mail customer alerts to authorized personnel.
  • Modifications to the questionnaire can be made "on the fly".
  • Reporting options include e-mail, print, or the Internet.
         Benefits :
  • Lower costs.
  • Prompt handling of customer complaints.
  • Ability to identify problem areas quickly.
  • Immediate feedback.
  • Hear customer comments in their own voice.
  • Much higher response rates when compared to traditional methods.
  • Absolute uniformity, no interviewer bias.